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Rules & By-Laws

All organizations have to have them, so here they are!

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All players must be registered, fully paid, and a non-restricted member of the Southern Ohio Darting Association (S.O.D.A.)
We will no longer issue membership cards. If a challenge is made regarding the legality of a player, the match will be played under protest until the player can be verified by the board. Also, if a player’s identity is questioned, the player must be able to present valid picture identification in order to verify his/her identity.
It is the expectation of the Board that the team roster be set and filed before seeding. If circumstances require any change to the roster, the division’s representative (found on the schedule) and one board member must approve the new player prior to any league participation.
Any rostered player participating in a league match on a set team cannot leave that team to play with another team during the half season.
No new players may be added to any team’s roster after the mid-point of the session without proof of necessity. The board must still approve the addition.
In the event that a team wishes to add a new player to their roster, the team captain must adhere to the following procedures:
1. Team captain must call their divisional representative at the earliest possible time to give new player information.
2. The decision for the new player to participate in that night’s play must be agreed upon by both captains.
3. The new player form and membership money must be in the envelope with the score sheet for that night’s match. Fee for new player is same as individual fee (amount shown on signup sheet).
4. The decision of adding the new player can be reversed by the board and penalties (if any) are at the discretion of the board.
Members must be 21 years of age to participate in league play.
Season: A season runs September through May of the following numerical year.
Match: The night’s play will consist of games as shown on the current score sheet.
Game: The best two of three legs. The game is over when either team wins two
Legs. The exception to this rule is the team game which shall consist of one (1) leg only. Two (2) points shall be awarded to the winning team in the team game only. All other games will be worth one (1) point for each leg won.
Leg: The single unit of a game, which may consist of either two (2) or three (3) units (legs). Note: If the correct double scored in a 01 type game reaches zero, the leg is over even if more darts are thrown. Darts thrown after the winning double has been scored are not counted.
Point: Received for winning any leg of the game, or for winning the team game which shall consist of one leg only and shall be worth one (1) point.
  Dart: A dart is considered thrown if released as the thrower’s arm has moved forward towards the dart board while at toe line. Any dropped dart may be re-thrown.
Turn: A player’s turn is complete when three (3) darts have been thrown or sufficient darts have been used to complete or win the leg. The score must be recorded before the dart(s) have been removed from the board.
Round: The group of matches that is completed once a team has played each other team once during a season.
An ADO regulation, clock-face bristle board with exposed wires must be secured to the wall so that the distance from the center of the board to the floor measures five feet, eight inches (5’8”), plus or minus one-quarter inch (1/4”). The foul line will be seven feet, nine and one-quarter inches (7’9-1/4”) from the surface of the board, measured along the floor. The diagonal distance from the center of the bull to the back of the throwing line must measure nine feet, seven and three-eighths inches (9’7-3/8”), plus or minus one-quarter inch (1/4”). The board must be stable and the impact of the dart must not cause the board to shake, wobble, or turn. The dart board wire spider must not be broken and the double and triple rings must be within a tolerance of one-thirty second inch (1/32”) of the normal space measurement of three-eighths inch (3/8”).
The scoring wedge indicated by the twenty (20) shall be the darker of the two colors, and it must be the top center wedge.
Lights must be affixed in such a way as to brightly illuminate the board, reducing to a minimum the shadows cast by the darts and not physically impeding the flight of the darts. The lighting should be covered on the side toward the thrower to shield from glare and protect the bulb.
The throwing line shall be indicated by a tape or raised hockey. Tape: a minimum of one inch (1”) wide and twenty-four inches (24”) long. A player can toe the back edge (edge closest to the player) but cannot go over it. Raised Hockey: A minimum of one inch (1”) wide, a minimum of one-half inch (1/2”) high a minimum of twenty-four inches (24”) long. A player can toe the back edge of the hockey (edge closes to the player) but cannot go over it. If this rule is violated during the course of the night’s play will result in the forfeiture of that turn.
The playing area should have a minimum of two feet (2’) to either side of the tape or raised hockey with a clear path to the dart board. There should be no overhanging objects in the playing area that could obstruct the thrower’s vision or the flight of the dart to the board.
All comments or protests concerning the equipment or playing area of a particular team should be brought to the attention of the home team’s captain prior to the match. If the condition is not corrected and is still a problem, the home team’s captain should be informed that the match is being played under protest.
A scoreboard or score sheet must be provided for each dart board. The scoreboard/score sheet should be in a position that the score may be easily read by players and spectators.
The dart must not exceed twelve inches (12”) in length from the point to the tip of the flight, nor weigh more than fifty (50) grams per dart.
Bare concrete, wood, or tile floors in front of the dartboard are prohibited for league play. A carpet or mat at least three feet by four feet (3’x4’) must extend in front of the board.
For a house to have one or two teams, it must have two dart boards. For three or four teams, it must have four dart boards, etc.
A team shall consist of a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of eight (8) players.
At least two (2) team members must be present to compete in league play, but all eight members may compete on the same night.
A team with only two (2) team members present will forfeit all of the following:
            One (1) – 401 doubles event
            One (1) – cricket doubles event
            Two (2) – cricket singles event
            Two (2) – 301 singles event
            Two (2) – 501 singles events (A, B+, and B division only)
The 601 team game can be played if the team which is short of players wishes to throw it.
A team with only three (3) team members present will forfeit all of the following:
            One (1) – 401 doubles event*
            One (1) – cricket doubles event*
            One (1) – 301 singles event
            One (1) – crickets single event
            *The shorthanded team may choose to shoot one of their players against two of the
               Other team’s players in these events
The 601 team game can be played if the team which is short of players wishes to throw it.
Line-ups must be exchanged by starting time. Each team will complete a score sheet and the winning team will be responsible for sending them in at the end of the match. Each team captain (or acting team captain) will fill out their entire line-up sheet. A team short of players will leave blank slots in the line-up sheet. Late players may be put in the blank slots.
If one or no players show, the team must forfeit. The team receiving the forfeit shall receive their average plus two (2) points, or the forfeiting team’s losing average plus two (2) points, whichever is greater. A team’s average is determinate after the first round when everyone has played each other one time. The team forfeiting shall receive no points for that night.
A score sheet may be completed leg-by-leg provided both captains agree to this.
Captains expecting a player to come in later in the evening may fill out their score sheets using the parenthesis method. This method involves writing the player in where you want him in the lineup and putting an alternative player next to his name in parenthesis. This method is only for the player who is expected to show up after play starts. It cannot be used to substitute someone who is there with someone else. If the player ends up not showing up, his name should be crossed off and the player whose name is in the parenthesis plays that match.
A player arriving late shall not be permitted to compete in any leg in progress. Once your turn is skipped, you cannot play in that match.
The format will consist of the following games:
            One (1) – 801 team game, only one leg worth one point
            Two (2) – 401 doubles, double start, double finish
            Two (2) – American cricket doubles
            Four (4) – 301 singles, double start, double finish
            Four (4) – American cricket singles
            Four (4) – 501 singles, straight in, double finish (A, B+, and B divisions only)
There is one point per leg with a maximum of two points for the winning team per game. The exception is the team game which only has one leg and is worth one point.
The order of play will follow the score sheet unless both team captains approve of altering the sequence of play.
Game Explanations:
301/401: The purpose of the game is to subtract your turn scores from a starting total of 301/401 points by starting on a double and finishing on a double (double bull included). To start a game, hitting any double will do. To finish, however, the double has to equal the number of points the player has remaining as their score. A player “busts” when their three darts (or less) score more points than remaining in the leg for their team; or, if the three darts (or less) thrown, leave a score less than two (2). Darts that miss the scoring face (outside the outer double wire) do not count.
501/601: These games are identical to 301/401 with two exceptions:
            These games are started with 501/601 points
            It is not necessary to start by throwing a double
              (free start, single in, straight in, etc.)
Cricket: The numbers twenty (20) through fifteen (15), inclusive and bulls are used. Alternate players throw and their scores are posted by the scorekeeper. The object is to finish by closing all numbers before the opponent does while also being even or ahead in points. To close a number, three (3) hits must be scored in that particular number. One (1) dart in the triple area scores three (3) hits; one (1) dart in the double area scores two (2) hits; one (1) dart in the single area scores as one (1) hit. After a number is closed, all hits in that number scored by the team that close it, count for the numerical value unless or until the opposing team has closed that number by scoring three (3) hits.
Beginning the Game:
All game points are started by throwing for the bull (cork). The visiting team has the option to throw first with the acknowledgment of the opponent. The team/player winning the cork (dart closest to the center of the double bull) will throw fist in the first leg. The loser of the first leg automatically wins the option to cork first in the second leg. If a third leg is necessary, the home team has the option to throw for a bull first (reverse cork) to decides who starts.
Only players scheduled to play in the game may throw for the bull (cork).
The dart must remain in the board in order to count. Additional throws may be made when throwing for a bull (cork) until such time as the player’s dart remains in the board. Should the dart of the second thrower dislodge the dart of the first thrower, a re-throw will be made with the second thrower now throwing first.
If the first player’s dart is anywhere in the single or double bull, the second thrower (upon acknowledgment of a single or double bull) may request that the dart be removed prior to their throw. A re-throw will be called if both darts are anywhere in the single bull or if both darts are in the double bull. Should a re-throw be called, the second thrower will have the option to throw first. Note: a double bull always beats a single bull.
Darts may not be touched by anyone prior to the decision of the players. If the players cannot decide which dart is closest to the bull, a re-throw will be called and the second thrower will throw first.
All matches are scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. on the date and at the place scheduled. All player warm-ups and the line-up sheet should be completed prior to the 7:30 p.m. starting time.
The deadline for starting a match is 7:45 p.m.
There shall be a maximum of five (5) minutes between each game. Any team violating this rule will forfeit the game to their opponent.
There shall be a maximum of two (2) minutes between each leg. Any team violating this rule will forfeit that leg to their opponent.
There shall be a maximum of one (1) minute between each dart. Any person violating this rule will forfeit their turn to the opposing team member.
No person may practice on one board while throwing a match on another board.
The dartboards must be available for exclusive use of the league members playing that night and at that location 20 minutes prior to starting time (7:30 p.m.).
In the event of severe weather, the divisional representatives will contact each of their captains. If you are not contacted, check the Face book page or the website. If scheduled matches have been cancelled, make-up dates will be designated by the board.
If there are any questions regarding the cancellation of a match, the captain should call their divisional representative.
Any team forfeiting three entire matches in either half season or a team forfeiting a match during the last three (3) weeks of a half season, will be suspended from play for the next half season and will lose all banquet privileges including any team awards. Each half season will be scheduled, so that each team plays every opponent team in the division at least twice within the season. Once all teams have completed a round, all points accrued in that round will not be affected by divisional forfeitures. If a team forfeits enough to be suspended by the league, all points (won or lost) from subsequent rounds will be dropped and those matches will be treated as a “bye”.
If both team captains agree that a match cannot be played as scheduled, the captain of the team requesting the reschedule must contact his/her divisional representative with the rescheduled date for the match within 2 weeks from the original match’s date. All rescheduled matches due to cancellation by the league must be played within 8 days of the last scheduled match of the half. Matches not played after being rescheduled will be considered a forfeit.
If you need to cancel and reschedule or even forfeit a match, please show courtesy to the other team and call the captain, co-captain, or bar and let them know as soon as feasibly possible.
Each team will pay the fee set by the S.O.D.A. Board of Directors for the half season according to the schedule provided at sign-up time.
Each house (bar) will pay a $100.00 membership fee.
If the dues owed are not received within seven (7) days of the due date, the team will forfeit all points earned until dues are paid.
Dues paid by check or money order must have the team name and number listed on them so the money can be properly credited. There will be a $50.00 bad check charge for all returned checks.
Late payment of regularly scheduled dues can be reason for expulsion of a team from the league. No refund will be due for the monies paid.
New player’s points earned in matches will not count toward the division standings unless he/she is paid in full.
Both team captains are responsible for the score sheets being filled out accurately and properly. Both sheets must include the first and last names of each player at least once, the division, the date, team names, and team numbers. The score sheets should also include the total points won by each team and should be signed by both captains. Award shots must be on the score sheet and both captains must initial or sign the award shot. Score sheets that are not filled out correctly can result in a three (3) point deduction.
The score sheet must be emailed or mailed by the winning team directly to the S.O.D.A. address stated on the envelopes provided. In case of a tie, the home team will be responsible for emailing or mailing in the score sheet. Envelopes must be postmarked no later than the Friday following the match if sending via post office. If emailing, the photos of the score sheet must be legible and both front and back need to be included.
Both of the team captains will be responsible for emailing the results to the S.O.D.A. email address by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday following the match. Email should include the division, team names, team numbers, and the final score. The penalty for non-compliance is a loss of three (3) points. Forfeited matches – the team who did not forfeit should send an email to report the forfeit and mail the score sheet with the opponent’s side marked “forfeited”. In case of a reschedule, call your divisional representative and email that the match has been rescheduled. Once rescheduled, an email should be sent to S.O.D.A. stating the original date of match and the new rescheduled date.
Both teams must supply a score sheet at the beginning of play. Both score sheets must be filled out throughout the evening of play. Both score sheets must be signed by both team captains at the conclusion of play. In the event that the winning team fails to provide a score sheet, the losing team may be required to submit their duplicate copy to the Board so captains should keep copies of all their score sheets.
Any team writing a bad check to S.O.D.A. will be fined $50.00 for each occurrence up to two. After the second occurrence, only money orders will be accepted. If the second bad check has been written to S.O.D.A. and payment is still made by check, the check will be returned and that team will be considered delinquent in their dues and will be subject to possible expulsion of the team and the rules regarding forfeiture as described below. Failure to comply will result in the loss of banquet tickets.
A team will be assessed a penalty of three (3) points if no representative is present at the General Membership Meetings.
A penalty of three (3) points will be assessed for:
The winning team failing to send the score sheet to S.O.D.A. by the Friday following the match
The team captain failing to email the scores by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday following the match
A penalty of one (1) point per infraction will be assessed for failure to include full team name, team number, and captain’s signature on the score sheet.
Any player playing for more than one team within a half season will be expelled from the original team and will forfeit all points earned for the subsequent team.
Failure to pay dues will constitute loss of all points until the dues are paid.
Any team forfeiting either half is subject to the following:
FIRST OCCURRENCE: A written warning (with the exception of the last three weeks.
            SECOND OCCURRENCE: Written warning and loss of banquet tickets and
                                                                        Team awards
            THIRD OCCURRENCE: Written announcement of expulsion from the
                                                                        League (via the website or Face Book) and loss
                                                                        Of banquet privileges including team awards
            Note: Written warnings may be in the form of an email to the captain.
If a team is banned its players may join other teams but cannot be on the same team and throw out of the same bar. There is a limit of 2 former players on the new team.
Any team member displeased with any officer may file a recall which shall consist of a petition stating the name of the officer, the office held, and the reason for the recall. The petition must be signed by twenty-five percent (25%) of the team captains and be accompanied by a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) deposit. Both parties or sides will have the opportunity to express their views before a General Membership Meeting. A ballot will be submitted to the Membership. A 51% majority vote is needed to ratify the recall. If ratified, the deposit will be refunded. If not ratified, the deposit will be added to the General Operating Fund of the Association. The vote of the General Membership is final.
Teams receiving awards will receive up to eight (8) individual team awards. The 1st place team’s bar will receive a plaque recognizing the team achieving 1st place and listing the team members.
Up to eight (8) banquet tickets are allotted per team according to the number of active members on the team roster. If desired, additional tickets may be purchased. Bar owners or their representative will be allotted two (2) tickets.
Players must play two (2) matches in four (4) nights per half session to be eligible for trophies and/or plaques and banquet tickets.
Players must play a minimum of 50% in each half season to be eligible for a first place jacket.
Teams that tie for either first or second place will be required to throw a playoff the first week following the last scheduled night of a season.
No dart may be touched by a player or scorekeeper prior to the end of the turn. Such action will result in the forfeiture of that turn.
In order for the darts to be counted, they must remain in the board for five seconds after the last dart is thrown. For the dart to be counted, the point of the dart must be touching the bristles of the board. If a dart lodges under a wire, it shall be counted from the side of entry. If the dart lodges at a staple, the highest value is awarded.
If any dispute arises that can’t be settled by the team captains, the S.O.D.A. Board of Directors will make the ruling in the dispute and their ruling will be final. The match will continue under protest.
In the event of a protest, the captain with the protest should contact their divisional representative via phone and complete the formal protest form from the packet. This form should be sent to S.O.D.A. at the address on the envelopes provided in the packets.   It must be signed by the team captain and all members who were present that night. It must be received by the President within seventy-two (72) hours of the protested match. If the President’s address is unknown, the protest may be mailed directly to the S.O.D.A. mailing address.
All team captains will be notified of the General Membership Meetings seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting. These notices will be mailed to the last provided address or the notice will be made in some other acceptable manner.
General Membership Meetings will proceed as follows:
                        The President will call the meeting to order
                        Roll call will be taken
                        The minutes will be read
                        Old business will be discussed
                        New business will be discussed
                        The meeting will be adjourned
Good sportsmanship should be the prevailing attitude during all league events.
Attempts to distract a player while they are throwing will not be tolerated. Until the distraction is removed, the time allowance between darts may be waived. Complaints may result in the Board taking disciplinary action if a protest is brought forward. If several complaints are made about an individual or team, severe action will be taken by the Board.
If so requested by the thrower, all spectators and players must align themselves out of the throwers vision and/or behind the position from which the thrower is throwing. Players must stand at least two (2) feet behind the player at the line.
The home team captain should see to it that visiting teams are treated courteously and are not harassed. Visiting teams are expected to act as good guests. Trying to win through intimidation will not be tolerated. Language and conduct should be acceptable to the owner (or agent of the owner) of the venue where the match is being played.
In the interest of sportsmanship, the home team captain should make every attempt to provide adequate and equal space for the visiting team to watch and participate in the match. Specifically, space for the visiting team should not be appreciably further away from the game board than the home team’s space. Conversely, the visiting team should be aware of the home team’s right to choose their space.
No money beyond normal operating expenditures shall be taken from S.O.D.A. funds without Board approval.
A twenty dollar ($20.00) base will be allowed for special purchases with the consent of the Treasurer and one (1) Board Member.
The Board of Directors will ensure that there are sufficient funds reserved to form next year’s league.


All organizations have to have them, so here they are!
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            Until such time as practical, the office will be that of the presiding President.
Whenever the initials “S.O.D.A.” are used in these by-laws, they shall mean Southern Ohio Darting Associations, Inc. 
Whenever the word “BOARD” is used in these by-laws, it shall mean the elected officials as described in Article VI, Section 1.
 Whenever the word “MEMBER” is used in these by-laws, it will mean a person, an Organization, or a group which has interest as evidenced by membership in S.O.D.A.
 Whenever the term “APPOINTED POSITION” is used in these by-laws, it will refer to a member, appointed by the BOARD to represent S.O.D.A.
To promote competitive darts and good sportsmanship for social and recreational purposes.
 To help coordinate and support activities, tournaments, and functions of affiliated associations, leagues, dart clubs, and other similar groups.
 To sanction league play according to rules in effect.
 To improve and establish conditions of play in local establishments and throughout the Cincinnati area.
 S.O.D.A. shall be a non-profit, non-political, and non-sectarian organization.
ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS – any approved person paying dues, participating in league play and holding an S.O.D.A. membership card.
NON-ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS – establishments of sponsoring teams, through assessment of bar fee (hereinafter referred to as “dues”) and entitlement to an S.O.D.A. membership card.
DUES ASSESSMENT – price of membership shall be set by the board of Directors and members shall pay to be in good standing.
No member may sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, hypothecate, or in any way alienate its/his/her interest in S.O.D.A., i.e. – membership card.
All active members in good standing may have one (1) vote in any General Membership meeting.
All active members may play in the league. In the event that an Active or Non-active members breaks any rules as passed by the Board of Directors, that member may be prohibited from participating in any or all association functions.
In the event dues are not paid in a timely manner, that member’s interest shall expire and its/his/her membership card shall be null and void and divested from him at the discretion of the Board.
Any person or team may be refused membership for any reason by the Board, if their membership would be deemed detrimental to S.O.D.A.
Members must be 21 years of age to participate in league play.
A member’s rights (membership) may be terminated or restricted by a 2/3 majority opinion of the full Board, if such a member creates disharmony or behaves in a manner prejudicial to order and discipline. If such action is taken, a written notice shall be sent to said member and the person or persons in question stating that they have two (2) full weeks to petition the Board, in writing, for a full Board hearing to review the matter. After the hearing, the Board shall have a closed meeting, and immediately decide what action should be taken. The Board’s decision is final and binding.
The S.O.D.A. board of Directors shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Playing Conditions Supervisor, Sergeant at Arms, Bar Representative and three (3) Members at Large.
The Board shall be elected for a period of two (2) years and shall take office no later than two weeks after the Banquet. The office of President, Corresponding Secretary, Playing Conditions Supervisor, and two (2) Members at large shall be elected in one year and the office of Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Bar Rep, Sergeant at Arms, and one Member at Large will be elected in the alternating year. This keeps the Board from becoming all new members at once.
Board vacancies may be filled by the President, provided 2/3 majority vote of the Board approves the appointment.
No joint elected offices may be held.
 The board should meet at least once a month. The meeting date, time, and location will be determined by the President. Attendance shall be excused if notice of the meeting is not given to and received by Board members at least seventy-two hours prior to meeting.
Board meetings shall have a time limit of 2-1/2 hours with a maximum of 15 minutes allowed for the purpose of completing a point under discussion. This section may be waived by 2/3 majority vote of the Board members in attendance.
A majority of Board members shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of the President and Vice President, the Corresponding Secretary shall assume the chair.
 If at any meeting of the board, there is less than a quorum present, the majority of members present may adjourn the meeting. Any business which must have been transacted at the meeting can be rescheduled.
PRESIDENT – The President shall be the Chief Executive of the organization and as such shall preside over all meetings of the general membership of the organization and unless excused by virtue of the “No vote Proviso”, he or she may vote only to break a tie. The President shall decide all questions on order, appoint all committees, unless otherwise ordered, and he or she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. He/she will also serve as Q.C.O. Assistant Co-Director (as described in Article VIII: #12). Anyone running for this position must have at least 2 years verifiable Board experience.
 VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President working with the President, shall perform, direct and/or coordinate all general public relations for the Association and its functions. He will be responsible for scheduling all S.O.D.A. matches. The Vice President will assume all of the duties of the President in the event of the President’s resignation or unavailability, and also assist other officers as needed.
 CORRESPONDING SECRETARY – The Corresponding Secretary will keep the minutes of all meetings of the board and/or the General Membership meetings of the Association, and shall distribute all meeting notices to the general membership. In addition, the Secretary will be responsible for maintaining and keeping a current list of all members of the Association. The Secretary will also have charge of such books, papers, and documents as the Board may direct, and after terminating his/her office, he or she will turn over said materials to his or her successor. In general, he or she shall perform all duties incident to the office of Corresponding Secretary, subject to ALL times to the direction and control of the board and/or the President.
 TREASURER – The Treasurer will receive all monies paid to the Association, subject to the Board’s direction, otherwise, and shall have custody of the accounts and books of the Association. All monies received by the Treasurer shall be promptly deposited in the Association’s accounts. The Treasurer will keep complete and accurate records of the monies received and expenditures made by the Association (all checks issued by S.O.D.A. must be signed by two (2) board members) and shall be prepared to make a current report on the Association’s account at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board and/or General Membership. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the development and coordination of a budget for the Association and its projected functions. The budget shall be subject to the approval of the Board. The Treasurer shall generally perform all other duties which are incident to the Office of Treasurer, and/or President. At the expiration of his term of office, the Treasurer will turn over all pertinent books and papers to his successor. Anyone running for this position must have at least 2 years verifiable Board experience.
 RECORDING SECRETARY – The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for the reporting and compilation of weekly results. Upon the authority of the President or the Vice President, he shall publish announcements of special tournaments being held by sponsoring establishments, provided such tournaments do not conflict with S.O.D.A. matches or events following matches. Basic computer skills are needed for this position and he is responsible for arranging the housing and maintenance of all equipment owned by S.O.D.A. This includes holding insurance for the housing of the equipment. Anyone running for this position must have at least two (2) years verifiable Board experience.
 PLAYING CONDITIONS SUPERVISOR – The Playing Conditions Supervisor will evaluate the playing conditions, lighting, and clientele of all members’ bars, and report back to the Board. He is responsible for checking out all complaints about playing conditions. These duties subject at all times to the direction and control of the board and or the President.
 SERGEANT AT ARMS – He shall assist in the administrative policy and provide and enforce all penalties for infractions committed by members of S.O.D.A. He shall be responsible for order at all times and at all general membership meeting.
 BAR REPRESENTATIVE – He/She shall represent the interests of member bars at all Board meetings and other Association functions. This Board position can only be nominated by a member bar owner or his/her representative.
 THREE MEMBERS AT LARGE – Together with the Board of Directors, the three (3) board members shall have and exercise a general supervision of the affairs of the Association and shall manage and control its properties and effects.
  Should both the President and the Vice President take leave of office, the next senior officer of the Board shall assume the duties of the President with the provision that he shall call for a general election within 30 days of their leaving office.
 NO VOTE PROVISO – No Board member may vote on matters pertaining to the team on which he or she is playing. The President may vote only to break a tie vote.
 Q.C.O. ASSISTANT CO-DIRECTOR – The President of S.O.D.A. will assume the title of Assistant Co-Director of the Queen City Open. He will have final approval and sign all contracts involved in the organization of the Tournament. No financial responsibility will be accepted without the S.O.D.A. President’s signature. He will be present at all meeting of the Tournament Committee, or, a representative from the S.O.D.A. Board of Directors approved by a majority of the S.O.D.A. Executive Board. He or S.O.D.A. will be notified of all meetings and actions taken by the Queen City Open Tournament Committee. If the President of S.O.D.A. is unable to represent S.O.D.A. in the role of Assistant Co-Director of the Tournament, a representative will be appointed by the S.O.D.A. Executive board.
 DIVISIONAL REPRESENTATIVE – Voluntary position held by an approved S.O.D.A. member. He is responsible for an accurate review of all members, scores, and trophy shots pertinent to his assigned division.
 A.D.O. REPRESENTATIVE – He or she handles all correspondence and communication with the American Darting Organization and will vote at all Board of Director’s meetings on only A.D.O. issues and will run all A.D.O. events. This position will be appointed by a majority of the Board of Directors. The appointment and duration of the office shall be determined by the majority of the Board.
OTHER POSITIONS – Shall be made for special occurrences and he may vote at Board of Director meetings only on that topic for which they have been appointed. Appointments and duration of office shall be determined by the majority of the Board.
 BOARD MEETINGS – Board meetings shall be comprised of Board members and appointed positions and shall be subject to the provisions set forth in Article VII. Attendance is open to all members.
 MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS – General Membership meetings will be open to all members of S.O.D.A. At least one member from each team must be present at the meetings. There will be a minimum of two (2) General Membership meetings per year. In the event a team is not represented at the meeting by its members, the Board may penalize the team, provided all team captains have been notified one week prior to the meeting. Each team will have one vote.
CAPTAIN’S MEETINGS – Captains meetings will be open to all team captains or acting team captains. Attendance is mandatory. Each team will have one vote.
Unless otherwise specified, all meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Board.
Unless otherwise specified, meeting announcements must be published at least one week in advance of the meeting.
Any Board member may be removed from office by a majority vote of the entire Board at any Board meeting for reasons deemed acceptable by the Board.
 Any Board member has the right to appeal such recall action. Appeals must be in writing and received by the Corresponding Secretary via registered mail no later than 30 days after Board’s recall ruling. Ballots will be submitted to the entire membership, giving both sides and parties an opportunity to express their views, and 51% of the returned ballots are needed to ratify recall. There can be no further appearing.
Any member being displeased with any Board member may file a petition to recall, which will consist of the following:
A petition signed by 25% of the team captains.
The name of the officer and the position must be stated.
The reason for the recall must be stated.
The petition must be accompanied by a $25.00 deposit.
Ballots will be submitted to the entire membership giving both sides or parties an opportunity to express their view
51% of the returned ballots are needed to ratify a recall.
If the recall is ratified, the $25.00 deposit will be refunded.
If recall is not ratified, S.O.D.A. will deposit the $25.00 into the S.O.D.A. account.
In the event a Board member is absent from 3 consecutive Board meetings without “good reason” accepted by the majority of the Board, he or she shall be removed from office as a Board member and shall be replaced per Article VI, Section 3.
Should the President be recalled and appeal his case, his or her duties shall be assumed by the Vice President from the date of petition or until the final determination is made by the Board. In the absence of the Vice President, his duties will be assumed by the Corresponding Secretary
Any Board member, who is recalled or removed from office, will not be eligible for office for a period of two (2) years from the date of recall.
A general membership meeting will be held no later than two (2) weeks before the end of the spring season for the purpose of nominating Board Officers.
Ballots will be distributed to all members present at the annual Banquet.
Ballots will be collected and a non-partisan committee will tabulate the results, which will be announced following tabulation.
These by-laws may be amended by a majority of the Board at a meeting called especially for this purpose, and as for all legislation proposed by the board; a majority vote of all members in attendance at a general membership meeting is required.
Rules and regulations to supplement these by-laws will be devised for the purpose of clarity and uniformity. Any additions, deletions, or changes may be made according to the provisions set forth in Section I of this article.
The order of business and/or procedures of any Board meeting or election meeting called, or any subject not covered by these by-laws or noted Board minutes, shall be subject to “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised”. However, should these be in conflict with the by-laws and/or “Robert’s Rules”, the by-laws shall prevail.
The board shall have sole authority to enter into contracts and agreements in the name of S.O.D.A. Such contracts and agreements must bear the signature of the President in order to make such contracts or agreements binding upon S.O.D.A.
Policy changes and temporary rulings, as approved by a simple majority vote of the Board members, and general information will be in the form of announcements issued by S.O.D.A. These policy changes and temporary rulings will be in force immediately upon their receipt by all Board members, individual members, and associate members.
It is the responsibility of all Board members, individual members and associate members to read any announcements issued by S.O.D.A.
It is the responsibility of each team captain to relay the information contained in the aforementioned announcement to the team members whom he or she represents.
In the interest of promoting good sportsmanship as a prevailing attitude in darts and generally to present darts in a positive light, the board reserves the right to revoke recognition of any player who has violated the standards of good sportsmanship while participating in any league or tournament play. Rights of appeal are preserved.
In the event any claim or suit is brought against a Board member for any action taken as a Board member, the Corporation will indemnify the Board member and pay for all damages including his/her attorney’s fees.
21 July 2014