Southern Ohio Darting Association

A Tuesday night steel tip dart league for the Cincinnati area.  All levels welcome!

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For League info, please contact a
 board member


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We are a Tuesday night steel tip dart league in Cincinnati, OH

Please contact one of our Board Members for more information.
We have a Fall and Spring Season

News & Updates!
Here's the latest info :-)

Thanks everyone for a great time at the Turkey Shoot!
Lots of fun had by all!
Sign-Ups for Spring will be the January 3rd and 5th
7-9 PM @ Peg's Pub

See the 2016 SODA Banquet pictures in the Photo Gallery
or click here
Hope everyone is enjoying darts!
Best of luck to all teams!
We have a public Facebook Group,
anyone can join! This group is used for info for immediate sharing and you can post to find teams, bars or teammates!
We are also trying a Facebook Page and seeing if it's better for our needs than the group. We would love feedback!


Both teams please keep sending the email!!! You can send a text to the email address from your phone! Need help? Let us know and I'll write up some specific directions.
This replaced the leaving of a voice message with results and both teams should be emailing the results by 5 PM on Wednesdays.
Our rules state points should be deducted
if not emailed on time or postmarked on time

MAILING sheets is also still required :-)
For all details, click here for scoresheet information
Please consider volunteering to help the league by joining the SODA board. Thanks!

Bobby 513-307-0305
Joe 513-258-8210

Mailing in your score sheets is also
still required!!!!
Forfeits and Reschedules
need to emailed in as well

During the season
play starts at 7:30


We have a
Facebook Group,
anyone can join! This page is used for info for immediate sharing.

Check the Facebook Group SODA during bad weather, or for news updates as well.

Check out the SODA Facebook Page as well




Play Starts at
7:30 PM

Please arrive 15 minutes before so that play can begin on time. We have many players that need to get up early the next day so please be considerate and help keep games moving along each night.


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